Hallo ik ben Opa DuSart.
Welkom bij DuSart Pharma!

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Hallo ik ben Opa DuSart.
Welkom bij DuSart Pharma!

Meer info over Opa DuSart

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Welcome to DuSart Pharma

While our name might suggest that we are part of the pharmaceutical industry, we rarely produce and develop medicine. Instead, our products are mostly non-prescription food supplements and health products of the highest quality.


Our history began in 1954 when Mr J. DuSart developed ginseng tonic, a herbal bitter based on ginseng root. The company has since grown into an expert in the field of phytotherapeutic nutritional supplements, first in liquid form and later also in solid form, including capsules and tablets.

Anno now

We have now developed into a renowned company with superior knowledge and experience of technology as well as pharmacochemicals. Because we develop, produce and distribute for third parties, this fact means in practice that we take care of the entire process from research to packaging and from production to trademark registration.

The future

DuSart Pharma is ready for the future. Our strength derives from our innovative attitude together with our awareness of our past, allowing us to combine modern technology and good old-fashioned service. Whatever your idea, DuSart Pharma can turn it into reality. This ability is what we are good at and how we have been successfully helping a wide variety of clients for over 60 years.

Design and produce your product together? Curious about our packaging options? Would you like to know more about nutritional supplements? Get in touch with us!

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